Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mylan 185

Propranolol hydrochloride again. This time it is not a capsule, it is a pill (a tablet), small, round, yellow, scored, with "MYLAN 185" stamped on the front side. The letters are above the numbers, divided by the score. Each tablet contains 80 mg Propranolol HCl - the recommended initial daily dose, by the way. The medication belongs to beta-blockers and is used to treat hypertension, heart rhythm disorders and chest pains caused by angina pectoris.

See also: Pliva's propranolol.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mylan 232 Tablet

Now you can easily identify your Mylan 232 tablet. A new page is added to MylanPills.

Though it is almost the same as the page about Mylan 216, the image is different. The other difference is that Mylan 232 is indexed with "80" on the reverse. It means that the pill contains 80 mg of furosemide (generic Lasix) - twice as much as Mylan 216 pill (indexed "40").