Friday, June 25, 2010

M T7 or Pliva 616. Any difference?

A very common situation is when the same medicine is produced by different manufacturers. And an even more common situation is, when getting some differently indexed pills, people wonder if they are the same drug, as they may look poles apart.

A simple example. We have already examined one of Mylan's products, a pill indexed "M" and "T7". It is little, white and round. No wonder that when someone comes across an oblong pill with "Pliva 616" code (the pill is obviously larger in size!), he or she may think that the pills' active ingredients differ to the same extent as their appearances. But... No! Both M T7 and Pliva 616 are the same, invariable 50 mg Tramadol hydrochloride, though made in different parts of the world. And the effects of these pills are the same as well, too!

You are very welcome to find more of such analogues, and leave your comment on this blog, comparing Mylan's products to similar products made by other manufacturers ;)