Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mylan's Darvocet

Mylan Pharmaceuticals manufactures several formulations of generic Darvocet. Today, we shall compare two of them - distributed as Mylan 130 and Mylan 155.

Both of them contain acetaminophen 650mg, but the other component is different. In Mylan 130, hydrochloride salt of propoxyphene is used (this formulation can be called Darvocet - just Darvocet, without any additional labels). In Mylan 155, propoxyphene napsylate is used, and this formulation is normally called Darvocet-N 100.

Due to the fact that these propoxyphene salts have different molecular masses, the amount of propoxyphene in both formulations is the same, though Mylan 155 contains 100mg of propoxyphene (napsylate) and Mylan 130 - only 65mg of propoxyphene (hydrochloride). However, propoxyphene napsylate is claimed to have less risk of abuse, as this salt is almost insoluble in water and, as a result, it cannot be injected. Moreover, propoxyphene napsylate gives lower peak blood level. Both features make Mylan 130 less common as compared to Mylan 155.

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